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2 Day Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in June

  • Are you a recently graduated college student
  • Or an aspiring entrepreneur?
  • Or a manager in an Irish Small or Medium sized company?
  • Or looking to get a job in a knowledge economy company like Google or Facebook or green technology company?
  • Or a researcher looking to commercialise your idea?

Then you shouldn’t miss the Jumpstart Bootcamp delivered by the Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship in association with Invent DCU, to learn what it takes to develop an idea into a successful venture. This is an intensive crash course which is designed to prepare participants to hit the ground running with the skills and resources needed to start a new venture or contribute innovative ideas to more established companies. Only  €125 per day or  €210 for both days.

Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial thinking are the key to the Knowledge Economy in Ireland in the 21st Century.

With practical workshops covering the key aspects for new business start-ups, the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp is a two-day intensive program that provides participants with an intimate knowledge of the processes and challenges that any innovator or entrepreneur will face. 

In particular this is designed for recently graduating students from a range of backgrounds including the humanities, sciences, engineering and computing. During this programme you will acquire the management and leadership skills needed to excel in a business environment, which will also help your own career prospects if you decide not to start a new company.

Delivered in a practical way, these executive modules are delivered by a group of peers with a strong entrepreneurial background, either working on a daily basis with entrepreneurs or with a serial entrepreneurial background of their own.

  • Are you ready to start your own business?
  • Want to be able to think creatively?
  • Like to use innovative thinking in your career?
  • Interested in learning to think like an entrepreneur?
  • Got an idea you think can be turned into cash?

If you would like to book places for either of these workshops, please contact Niamh at niamh.collins@ryanacademy.dcu.ie or by phone on (01) 700 6762

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