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New Programme Taps into Spirit of Google Founders

The Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship and Invent DCU’s Tech Venture Programme for postdoctoral researchers aims to create the next generation of technology start-ups.

This unique programme has been developed as a collaboration between the Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship and Invent DCU, the University’s Innovation and Enterprise Centre and has been developed purely for post doctoral researchers in the University’s research centres.

 The programme, originally envisioned by Invent DCU to stimulate start-ups from the university, aims to instil in these researchers the idea that they can turn their research into viable high technology companies. Many of the world’s leading tech companies were created by postgraduate researchers or even undergraduate students including Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

The Tech Venture Creation programme runs for seven weeks and includes a mentorship scheme that will continue for six months after the master classes end. The programme will explore the critical issues at the very early stage of having an idea for a new technology venture and will be very practical in nature. The intense three-hour sessions include the key subject areas needed by early stage entrepreneurial teams including technology assessment, exploratory marketing, new product development, legal issues and intellectual property.

“The important thing here is to pass onto the post doctoral researchers the idea that they are in a key position to embark upon a high potential start-up”, said Gordon McConnell, Director of Programmes for the Ryan Academy. “The research they are working on is usually based on real-world problems and issues, which is a great starting point for a start-up. That’s how success stories like Google and Yahoo started.”

Another unique element of the programme is that it is being delivered by’pracademics’ or subject matter experts who have direct practical experience of tech start-ups or supporting entrepreneurship in each of the subject areas.

 “This programme is particularly timely given the current emphasis on developing Ireland’s knowledge economy”, said Maria Johnston, Operations Manager for Invent DCU. “It is vital that DCU leads the way in supporting its research community to capitalise on new technologies, create new companies and ultimately jobs”.

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