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Top New Green Jobs for Ireland Prt 2

A growing area that is already visible is that of recycling and upcycling. This would include the repurposing of items such as e-waste, clothing, plastic bags, construction waste, metals, and other materials that are currently being dumped. This will be a source of great innovation, as shown by an earlier blog entry on Terracycle. We already have many examples of this in Ireland, though it is interesting that social enterprises are a force to be reckoned with in this sector (see the Ryan Academy Social Enterprise blog). An example of this is the Rediscovery Centre (situated close to where I am now) based on Ballymun.

The centre presents an integrated solution encompassing all elements of waste management at one central facility. The centre highlights the merits of the Waste Management Hierarchy at each level, demonstrating excellence in waste prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery. The centre’s ‘Rediscover Fashion’ line was announced as one of the ten Arthur Guinness Fund Awardees 2010, along with our old friends Speedpak. Less glamorous is their furniture recycling, working with local businesses on recycling initiatives and their community composting project. There are many more social enterprises in this area such as the Clondalkin Community Recycling Initiative (Recycle It), which specialises in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), as they say anything with a plug or battery.

The total number of recycling jobs in the United States is at more than 1 million according to the recent UN report mentioned in an earlier blog entry. This area will see huge growth as we get smarter about how to deal with the waste deluge that faces our species. Like many problems in history there will be smart entrepreneurs who will see advantage in these issues and will create innovative ways to solve the them. At a profit.

  1. July 2, 2010 at 16:03

    Just a quick update on the Rediscovery Centre.
    The organisation is opening it’s first EcoStore in Ballymun next Tuesday. July 6th.
    The shop will stock fashion, homewear, furniture and other Eco Products. Main street, Ballymun. (Beside financial advisors & opposite Days hotel.)

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