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UN Report Sheds Light on Green Jobs Now and Future

For those interested in green jobs and what areas are growing or declining, I would point you towards  a report by the United Nations. The report, created by the UN Labour Environment Unit, is called “Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World” which provides quantitative, anecdotal and conceptual data on existing green jobs while also making estimates for green jobs in the future. Although it was launched back in late 2008, it still gives some valuable pointers and an overview.

It is the first comprehensive and authoritative report which provides an overview of the complexity and policy relevance of global environmental challenges and the potential effect on current and future employment. The report makes some clear policy choice recommendations on such areas as subsidies, tax regimes, carbon markets and energy alternatives.

The report gathered data on employment on different sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings, sustainable transportation, and organic agriculture. Crucially the report also attempts to draw conclusions and recommendations for policy makers, business and industry, workers and trade unions.

The UN Environment Programme is listed as an RSS feed on this blog for those interested.

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