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Top New Green Jobs for Ireland Prt1

There is a lot of talk about retraining some of our unemployed to create a new class of job – the Green Collar job. What might these jobs be and what will they look like? Over the next few weeks we will be putting forward some suggestions, starting with:

1. Wind Turbine/Solar Power Installer and Servicer; as the development of micro wind turbine technologies increases, and new solar power technologies including wrap-around solar panels come online, there is a strong potential for individuals to actually create their own energy and have a buy/sell relationship with the national grid.

Of course this will be a national grid which will look very different from the centralised one we have had traditionally. But that is another story. These will probably be low to mid level jobs but would include the service side of the business also.

It is estimated that there are over 3000 companies in the solar energy sector employ 25,000 to 35,000 workers in the US so far. And remember it isn’t about the amount of heat, it is about the amount of sunshine. Ireland has many months of brightness and being an island off Europe, a lot of wind. This would seem to be a good potential for the Institutes of Technology or FAS to really look at the level 5-7 educational awards in the National Qualifications system.

No different from when the first electricity networks went into countries or when the automotive industry was being created, we need the infrastructure and the people to service it in place. Build it and they will generate energy as it were. There have been some moves in this area but it needs to be a national priority.

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