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Managing Your Money Course at the Ryan Academy

The Ryan Academy is running a “Understanding Finance: How to Make your Money Go Further” course with free places available from 19th of April. The courses will be held over 6 mornings.  The workshop lasts for 2½ hours, from 10.00am to 12.30pm and a sandwich lunch will be served after each session. The programme covers areas such as:

  • Introduce the key areas of finance
  • Examine ways to save money
  • Understanding financial institutions, including banks, building societies and credit unions
  • Financial services for the individual, including bank accounts, savings, credit cards and insurance
  • Understanding your state entitlements and allowances
  • Borrowing and understanding the cost of borrowing, including loans, hire purchase and mortgages
  • Your consumer rights
  • Budgeting

We are offering a limited number of free places to those who would like to learn how to better manage their money.   If you would like to know more or book a free place on this programme, please contact Niamh Collins on 7006786 or email  info@ryanacademy.dcu.ie or drop in to our office at 3013 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus.  Please pass this onto people and institutions who may be interested in this. 



The management of money is an important skill that needs to be understood and practiced by everyone.  Our Workshop aims to develop this skill by introducing the main areas of finance and explaining them in the context of your personal and household experiences.  

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