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Managing Finite Resources: Guerilla Marketing

One of the great issues that all small organisations have, and which the social enterprise sector also suffers from, is how to do marketing cost effectively. There is always the suspicion that as the saying goes ‘half of my promotion is working but I don’t know which half.’ Marketing and the promotional side in particular always looks daunting to the social sector, particularly as many do not have the skills necessary.

Due to this concern, the Ryan Academy is running a two-day workshop on Guerilla Marketing for Small Business, Non-Profit and Social Enterprises on Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd April 2010.  The aim of the workshop is to help small organisations in the profit, non-profit and more than profit sectors to get the best out of a small investment through the development of a ‘guerilla marketing’ process. Material covered include: Social media as guerilla marketing tool; commoditization and its impact on marketing, strategy and branding; Creating marketing noise: PR, fusion marketing, buzz marketing.

This module is very much an applied delivery designed to help participants bring real examples and techniques back to their organisations.


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