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New Green Skills

Skills needs in Ireland for the green and clean technologies areas could potentially cover a spectrum from low skills/re-skilling for building conversion to LEED standards, dwelling retrofit up to C1 BER, right the way up to grid redevelopment and the new technologies areas which Irish start-ups are pioneering. For example there are a number of different technologies which may make up the green economy in Ireland including wind power, ocean technologies but also potentially other technologies like geothermal, biomass,  Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Thin Film Solar (TFS). Such industries need the skills necessary to achieve scale if they are to have an impact on the countries energy and carbon balance. The report of the High Level Group on Green Enterprise “Developing the Green Economy in Ireland” identifies four key areas:

– Renewable Energy
– Efficient Energy Use and Management
– Waste Management (Recovery and Recycling)
– Water and Wastewater Treatment

The green and clean technologies sectors is also a technology convergence area, which will involve skills from the ICT, construction and other sectors which currently exist in Ireland, therefore new skills and up-skilling will be needed. The University and Institute of Technology sector have already begun to identify re-skilling opportunities, as well as organisations such as Fas and the ESB. The Irish report identifies the inter-disciplinary nature of the sector and the importance of human capital. It also identifies the changing nature of the skills needs.

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