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Basis for a Green Technologies Cluster

Is it possible for Ireland to develop a green technologies cluster? There are several options for this in the ForFas report “Developing the Green Economy in Ireland.” There is the proposal to develop an IDA Ireland flagship green business park. There is another proposal to create what is called a “green IFSC” Similar to the original International Financial Services Centre, this would combine all the ‘other’ activities that exist in the green sector in Ireland in one location. This would include investment funds, legal, patent, and other services to the sector.

With a lot of commercial property empty in Dublin in the first instance, perhaps NAMA could be some way innovative and allow a ‘green district’ to be established in a deserving part of the capital. Clusters don’t have mean every building in a row, it can have a ‘distributed’ impact in a particular area similar to the digital hub.

There is no doubt that pushing our current building stock into a situation where they are compliant with LEED green building standards would be a start. This blog will talk again about the difference in the green sector between low tech, mid-skills level of building conversion and simple innovative solutions to sustainability issues, and the higher tech, higher skills level of developing new sustainable technology innovation.

  1. March 15, 2010 at 10:29

    We have leading edge research emerging from our labs but the critical step now is to translate aspects of this research into wealth that can be reinvested in our society. We need mechanisms to facilitate scaled deployments of these technologies in ireland such as public procurement initiatives as proposed in the Innovation Task Force report; and new and simple mechanisms to encourage researchers to set up companies. There is a huge opportunity for Ireland Inc right now – in 5 years it will be too late.

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