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Winter weather mixed blessing

It is in times of crisis, like the recent weather conditions be they floods or snow, that social enterprises shine. The RTE news carried a story about the Drimnagh Community Network a few nights ago and how they were ensuring that elderly people in their area were being checked on.

Although weather extremes and the aftermath are times when many social enterprises really show how they fill the ‘market gaps’ and poor government support (and in many cases planning) it also causes huge issues. In the UK many social enterprises and charities are seeing higher costs attached to delivering services, or indeed higher-than-normal levels of service. Earned income strategies can also be effected.

Those organisatiosn involved in working with the elderly in particular see much higher demand than normal.  Age UK (previously called Age Concern and Help the Aged) have reported a £500,000 shortfall in lost trading income as their chain of shops have been effected by the weather and collection vans have had issues getting out. The fact that such organsiations are so much in demand yet again shows how important the social sector is to the overall fabric of society.

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