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Social Enterprises creating jobs

As the recession starts to really bite, those who have difficulty at the best of times getting a job, whether through issues of education or previous lifestyle choices, find it almost impossible. One of the most interesting trends in social enterprise particularly coming out of the US are those social enterprises that are developed to create jobs. For too long we have been caught in a cycle of training and retraining this part of the adult population. New social enterprises (and some older ones) are instead developing a philosophy best summed up by one bakery in the US: ‘We make muffins to employ people, we dont employ people to make muffins.’ Such companies, employing a double or even treble bottom line, are filling a gap or a ‘market failure’ by creating employment in employment blackspots or for those whose backgrounds make it impossible for them to find decent employment. In these dark times for job creation, we need more social entrepreneurs who are willing to take a risk in creating exciting new start-ups that can help the rejuvenation of our communities, not just for the pursuit of profit but for the profit of people and communities.

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